The best Amsterdam locations for lectures and debates

Are you interested in debates, lectures and other social events? Then you should definitely visit Amsterdam. Here you can regularly attend events about philosophy, science, politics and environmental issues. We’ve have made a list of the best locations for lectures and debates.

De Balie

De Balie in Amsterdam is the meeting place for Dutch journalists. This is not surprising, considering the fact that it organizes various events about media, politics and social issues. The location has various halls and a grand café where you can enjoy a nice lunch. One of the most popular events of De Balie is the talkshow Arnon Grunberg meets… Here the Dutch author discusses various topics with well-known intellectuals from all over the world. De Balie is also one of the location where the IDFA (International Documentary Festival) takes place. If you wish to know more about festivals in Amsterdam, check out our article Festivals in Amsterdam’.

De Rode Hoed (Amsterdam)

De Rode Hoed (the red hat) is a well-known cultural centre in The Netherlands. It gained national fame in the nineties when it became the location for a discussion program called Het Lagerhuis (the House of Commons). Nowadays it is still a place for debates, lectures and congresses. De Rode Hoed is located in a remarkable building: a former liberal church. It was built in the 17th century, when it was prohibited to have any religion other than the Catholic. Before the church was built, there had been a hat manufactory. The little red hat at the façade of the church refers to it. You will find De Rode Hoed at the Keizersgracht.

Pakhuis De Zwijger

This is the meeting place for creative people, intellectuals and professionals from the trade industry: Pakhuis de Zwijger. Here you can participate in workshops, debates and receptions about media, business and politics. Pakhuis De Zwijger was built in 1933 and was previously a cold storage place for perishable products. A few years ago it obtained the status of National Monument. You can find this meeting place at the Piet Heinkade at a 15 minutes walk from the Amsterdam Central Station.

KIT (Royal Tropical Institute)

Are you interested in development, sustainability and other cultures? In that case, we advise you to visit the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. This research institute regularly dedicates lectures, workshops, debates and conferences to the mentioned topics. The institute is housed in a historical building built in 1910. Besides halls for big events, it has a theatre and a museum. You can find KIT at the Mauritskade.

Felix Meritis (Amsterdam)

The name Felix Meritis means Fortune through merit. It truly reflects the ideals of the period in which Felix Meritis was founded- the 17th century in which the Enlightenment had made its entrance. The organisation is based in a beautiful building at the Keizersgracht. Felix Meritis is a place to discuss philosophy, art, science and politics. Felix Meritis organizes lectures with renowned international scientists, journalists and philosophers. Some of the former speakers are Naomi Klein, Tariq Ramadan and Mona Eltahawy.

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