The best markets in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for its many markets. Here you can taste the original Amsterdam atmosphere and get the most wonderful products for a bargain. There are markets in almost every district of the city. They vary from basic food and clothing markets to multicultural bazars. Since there are so many marketplaces, we have made a list with the most remarkable Amsterdam markets. Just to be sure you don’t miss out on the best!

Albert Cuyp Market Amsterdam
Let’s kick off with the most famous market of the Netherlands: the Albert Cuyp Market. You can find this market in Oud-Zuid, close to a multicultural district called ‘De Pijp’. At the Amsterdam Albert Cuyp Market you can buy fruits, fresh fish, suitcases, shoes and clothes. It is also the place where you can get exotic products from all over the world, such as cassave, ginger and passion fruit. It is no coincidence that this market is near to De Pijp. In fact, the market has become famous as a multicultural market because of its residents. In the 19th century immigrants settled at De Pijp and brought their own costumes and products with them. The Albert Cuyp market is opened every day of the week, except on Sunday.

Westerstraat Market Amsterdam
If you fancy patches, cloths and textile in general, you should definitely visit the Westerstraat Market. This market is also called the patches market (in Dutch: Lapjesmarket). There are 160 stalls, most of them filled with textiles. The Westerstraat Market is very popular, though it is a one theme market. You can visit it on Mondays, from 9.00 a.m. to 13.00 p.m. The market is located at De Jordaan.

Like the Albert Cuyp, the Dappermarkt is a multicultural market. Here you can find many special products, including Indian spices, dates and coffee beans. It is also the perfect place to buy a new outfit, for there are many stands with clothes. The Dappermakrt is named after Olfert Dapper, a 17th century physician and historian who fought for a multicultural society. You can visit the Dappermarkt from Monday to Saturday, from 10.00 to 18.00.

Ten Kate Market
The Ten Kate Markt is located in one of the nicest neighborhoods of Amsterdam, The Kinkerbuurt in Oud-West. It is a small market where you can buy food, clothes and flowers.The Ten Kate Market is open from Monday to Saturday. If you want to continue shopping after visiting the market you can go straight to the adjacent Kinkerstraat. This street has many (little) shops.

The Nieuwmarkt is located at the center of Amsterdam, only 10 minutes away from the Central Station. It is adjacent to the Red Light District and Chinatown and therefore very well visited. It is the perfect place to buy regular vegetables, Dutch cheese and flowers. The Nieuwmarkt has a long history dating back to the seventeenth century.

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