Free activities in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an exciting city, with interesting activities on every corner! What is that you are saying? You don’t have much money to spend? That’s not a problem! There are many free attractions in Amsterdam! Here’s a list of things you can do without spending one euro!

Enjoying Amsterdam historical centre

Dam Square
The centre of Amsterdam is like an open-air museum; there are monuments everywhere. One of the most impressive is undoubtedly the Royal Palace on the Dam Square. Just opposite you will find the National Monument. Every 4th of May there is a memorial service here to commemorate all the people that died during the Second World War.

Red Light District
Just behind the National Monument is one of Amsterdam’s most notable districts: the Red Light District. Here you will see scantily dressed women behind glass doors, inviting you to come in and to enjoy their services. There are also several sex and cannabis shops you can visit.

De Jordaan
Are you looking for more romantic scenery? In that case we recommend you to visit De Jordaan. This is one of the most picturesque areas of the city. The many canals, lovely bridges and quiet alleys make you feel that you are wandering through a little village instead of a special area of a metropolis.

One of the most sacred and remarkable places in Amsterdam is the Begijnhof. Although located near the busiest streets of Amsterdam, it is one of the most quiet places you can encounter in this city! The Begijnhof was built in the 14th century and was habited by religious women. They were not nuns and had not made a chastity vow, they were therefore free to leave the commune and get married. On the Begijnhof you can find one of the oldest houses of Amsterdam (Begijnhof 34), it dates from 1528. For a long time the house was considered to be the oldest in Amsterdam. Recent studies though have pointed out that the oldest house is located in the Warmoestraat (near the Dam Square), which dates from 1485.

Free art!
The glass-covered alley between the Kalverstraat and the Begijnhof contains several 17th-century paintings. The paintings are from the Amsterdam Historical Museum and are all portraits of Amsterdam guilds. However, the best-known guild painting does not hang here. In order to see Rembrandt van Rijn’s De Nachtwacht you will have to buy a ticket for the Rijksmuseum. Unless you are under 18 years old, in that case the entrance to the Rijksmuseum is free!

More free art!
Would you like to enjoy more art for free? In that case we advice you to go to De Jordaan. Here you can find many art galleries of different art forms. You can find here for example photography art, paintings, graphic art, sculptures, etc. Please feel free to enter the galleries; the artists will tell you all you wish to know about their work!

Navigating to the IJ
Truth be told: it is not the Titanic. However, if you wish to navigate for free you can take the ferry to the IJ. The IJ is somewhat of an island in the northern part of Amsterdam. Here you can visit the Muziekgebouw aan het IJ and Pakhuis De Zwijger, both music buildings.

Classical concerts
You are in a romantic mood. The historical and beautiful setting of Amsterdam inspires you and you wish to surprise your lover with an exclusive concert in a prestigious opera house. Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be. In fact you can do all this without having to grab your wallet. In the famous Concertgebouw you can attend free lunch concerts. These concerts are given every Wednesday at 12.30 (except during the summer months). The Concertgebouw was built in a classical Vienna style, yet it also has a façade with neo-Renaissance elements. The Amsterdam Concertgebouw is considered to be one of the best halls in the world for symphonic music.

Free music festivals
Amsterdam is well known for its many music festivals. Some of them are completely or at least partially for free! If you are interested in music and in more free events in Amsterdam, you should check out our article about Amsterdam music events.
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