Cultural events and music festivals in Amsterdam

If you are looking for a nice festival in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the place to be. The city is well known for its many cultural events and music festivals. Most of the festivals take place during the sultry summer months. Some of them will even provide you with top performances for free!  To make sure you will enjoy the best Amsterdam festivities, we made a list of the most remarkable Amsterdam festivals and events.

Holland Festival
If you like versatile music and theatre then you should definitely attend the Holland Festival. You will enjoy high quality performances from all around the world. It’s a non-elitist festival that combines unknown experimental performing arts with international artists. In 2011 for example the Lebanese singer Fairouz gave a stunning concert, showing the world why she is an icon in the Arab world. Other artists that have performed on the festival are the coloratura soprano Edita Gruberova and Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead. The festival takes place in the center of the city and is spread throughout several locations. While some of the concerts are free of charge, the prices usually range from 10 eruos, up to 130 euros. If you own a CJP-pass, the concerts will cost you 15 euros. The Holland Festival takes place in June and lasts about 25 days.

Amsterdam Roots Festival
Would you like to go to funky music concerts in Amsterdam?
Visit the Amsterdam Roots Festival! Every year during June or July you can enjoy top music concerts of artists from all around the world. The festival mainly focuses on cross-over world music varying from salsa-muffin and hip hop flamenco, to oriental jazz mixed with rock and African influences. Some of the artists that have made an appearance are: Youssou N ‘Dour, Fernando Lameirinhas, International Orquesta Los Niches, Zap Mama, Miriam Makeba, Cesaria Evora and Natascha Atlas. The Amsterdam Roots Festivals starts on a sunday and lasts 7 days. The festival opens with the Roots Open Air,  where you can enjoy world music concerts for free. For the other concerts you must buy a ticket,  or you could get a combination ticket for further convenience. The concerts take place in various locations of Amsterdam, but are always in the inner city.

The Canals Festival
If you want to enjoy classical music in Amsterdam, then you will be very excited to read this. The Canals Festival in august is one of the most striking music events Amsterdam has to offer. It is the perfect combination between classical music and a stunning atmospheric surrounding. During this ten-day festival talented Dutch musicians will entertain you with classical music. The concert venues are a typical characterstic for this festival. Many of the performances will take place near the romantic canals, such as the Prinsengracht. There are also the so-called house, garden and roof concerts which are held in the gardens and rooftops of private canal houses. There will even be a Junior Canal, with classical music for babies and toddlers.  The Prinsengracht concert is free. For the other concerts you’ll have to buy a ticket.

The Uitmarkt
In the last weekend of August you will be able to go to the Uitmarkt. It is a very popular Amsterdam event in which you can see previews of upcoming music and theatre performances. You can also attend dance and musical performances. Even literary activities are held. The best part is that the Uitmarkt will cost you absolutely nothing!  You can enjoy concerts of top artists and theatre plays for free! The shows are in several locations in the inner city of Amsterdam.

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)
If you wish to see special documentaries from all over the world, you should visit the IDFA? The IDFA is one best visited festivals in Amsterdam and one of the biggest of its kind. The festival takes place in November and is the perfect meeting point for directors, authors, TV Stations and everybody who’s interested in (political) documentaries. During the festival you can see approximately 250 films. Afterwards, you can party and mingle with all sorts of people in the Balie. The IDFA lasts 10 days and is visited by many people. We advise you to reserve your tickets to be sure you will see the documentaries you want. It would be a shame to not be able to see that special documentary because it is sold out! You can buy the tickets online.

Museum Night
Keep the first Saturday of November free, because that is when the Museum Night takes place. During this one night event all Amsterdam museums open their doors for the public. In addition you can enjoy several cultural activities, including dance and music performances. All museums participate at the Museum Night, from the Rijksmuseum tot the Rembrandt House. If you want to attend this event you can buy a ticket which will cost you about 18 euros.

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