Amsterdam public transport tickets: easy, fast and cheap!

When visiting Amsterdam, public transportation will be your best friend. There’s actually no better way to get around in the Dutch capital. Travelling in Amsterdam is easy, fast and certainly not expensive. You can use a GVB transport ticket adjusted to the duration of your stay.

The GVB ticket is a uniform transport card with which you can travel by bus, metro, tram and even the ferry. There are various GVB tickets you can chose from. If you are going to spend one day in Amsterdam, you better take a one day ticket. This ticket will be valid for 24 hours, counting after your very first check-in. So if you have checked in at 7.30 a.m. your card will be valuable until 7.30 a.m. the next day. Meanwhile you can travel by metro, tram or bus in Amsterdam. If you are planning on spending three or more days in Amsterdam, we advise you to buy a three days ticket. The transport tickets go up to seven days.

Night bus tickets
If you want to taste the Amsterdam nightlife without having to worry about how to get back to the place you are staying, you will probably want to use the services of the night busses. If you already have a one day GVB ticket, you can use it for the night bus. If not you can buy a night bus ticket. There are tickets available that are valid for ninety minutes and tickets that you can use for two hours. The busses drive all through the night, but do not stop at every bus station. Amsterdam has several tourist offices where you can get a bus schedule.

How to use a GVB ticket
The GVB ticket is rather easy to handle. When checking in you have to place the ticket before the card reader of the transportation you are taking and wait until you hear a peep and see a green light flickering. When you’re stepping out the vehicle you must follow the very same procedure.

Getting around in Amsterdam is easy with GVB tickets. You can get the tickets at one of the many GVB Tickets and Info offices.

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