According to one of best travel sites in the world Qbic Hotels is one of the 25 trendiest hotels in The Netherlands

According to Tripadvisor, Qbic Hotels is one of the trendiest hotels in The Netherlands. The hotel has reached the number five spot on the Tripadvisor list ‘Top 25 Trendiest Hotels in The Netherlands’. Customers appreciate the hotel for the ideal combination of low costs and excellent services.

“Great value for money”, a customers states in his review. Qbic Hotels has made low-budget design its unique selling point, which has turned out to be a succesful formula. The good service is widely praised in the reviews and many guests have good experience with the friendly and efficient Qbic staff. Also mentioned in the Qbic Hotel Amsterdam reviews are the great internet facilities. According to one guest the Qbic Hotels WIFI is downright fantastic.

Funky design
The hotel design is considered to be funky and futuristic. Guests are surprised by the Cubi design of the rooms and the bright coloured lights. The Hästens design beds are considered to be very comfortable. For some guests a bathroom without a door is a no-go zone, but for most visitors this is not a problem.

Tripadvisor is the largest travel website in the world and has various reviews of hotels and destinations. The reviews are written by travellers who want to share their experiences. This guarantees honest travel reviews without commercial ends.

If you don’t know where to sleep in Amsterdam and you want to stay in a trendy low-budget hotel you can book a room at Qbic Hotels. According to many reviews of Amsterdam hotels, Qbic has great rooms for affordable prices. For further information you can visit the website, Qbic Hotels.

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